Phoenix Rising Horse Farm - Welcome

Dear Friends and Customers, we would like to thank you for a wonderful twenty years here at Phoenix Rising Horse Farm. We have many great memories of families, riders, horses, shows, camps, and growing both flowers and vegetables. We are proud to have been good stewards of the land, and to have been respectful of the history of the farm, all of which suported not only horses but everything from chickens to guinea hens to blue herons to foxes to deer and, yes, even beavers(!).

Many people have supported us over the years. We would like to especially recognize three contributions: the late Leo Branchaud, who helped us get started by teaching us many useful things, Kris Thomson, who was our barn manager and head trainer for eighteen years. and the Wright's Dairy Farm family, who demonstrated the very meaning of farm community.

We are looking forward to life's next adventure at our farm in Tennessee, and hope to maintain the memories and friendship we carry with us over the coming years. Our new address is Post Office Box 235, Cornersville TN 37047.

Debra McManus & Dan Geer